In my last post, I recused myself from blog duty because I wasn’t in California anymore… and inside that shotgun-shell of a decree was a loaded statement.

I’m now busy writing about the past five months, about the move to Cincinnati, my soul retrieval work, reuniting with a younger me who had not been along for the ride in 39 years. So when that inner adolescent finally woke up after my constant urging, not only did she come back to life, she also told me she wanted to go home. How could I say no? It’s my home, too.

So back to California I/we drove, an elegant trip until the last day, when I entered California during some of the worst wind conditions to ever hit the desert. Suffice it to say, I made it in one piece despite my brake failure coming down the Mojave Freeway into Los Angeles.

I had to be towed in.

So… I’m writing the story for publication… and not as a big-ass blog post.

And… I’m not in Ohio anymore.

This was my Christmas gift, a hike in Topanga State Park:

Happy New Year… may it be enchanting.

6 Responses to “What?”

  1. teresa torres Says:

    Good for You! Every day of your journey is so much worth it. And the work you accomplished in Ohio was extraordinary. I feel as if we almost were together in that experience and am very grateful for that. California looks so beautiful in that photo! Can’t wait to catch up on Terra and all the details of “being home”.
    So much love for you from: Teresa

  2. good luck Tysa in getting published!! I’ll be excited to read all about it…keep us informed!!

  3. Really cool and interesting to read all of this!! I met you at the “Cork” tonight!!

    • It’s been so long since I posted on this blog… way back when I was mostly just writing and not doing a whole lot of music. Been thinking about posting again re music, creativity, and intuition. Good to meet you, David.

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