Novel Writing: Worst Fears Coming to Light

This day I came to 500 pages

In almost every chapter so far, I’ve had a meltdown:

What am I doing?

I’m a fool

Not just a temporary fool

But for permanent—

A permanent fool


I revised my fifty-fifth chapter and— 

I’m lagging behind my better judgment

Shoulda ended this thing ten months ago

What am I going to do now?

Honestly, more scared of mediocrity than really, really bad 

After devoting time in counted years

Spreading like an oil spill upon the page


This is the story my characters are telling

If I got it right

Will they see the light at the end of the prolonged, dark tunnel?

And now it’s my responsibility to write the final pages?

Do I even have the right?

Kinda feelin’ low down

Maybe they should’ve picked someone else

What were they thinking?

2 Responses to “Novel Writing: Worst Fears Coming to Light”

  1. Says:

    Remember all readers opinions are subjective. Trust what your characters are telling you to write. It’s their story. 😉


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