Welcome 2010

Introductions are in order.  I’m new to wordpress, but not new to blogging.  I’m trying on some new blogging shoes here, to see how they fit. (See my other blog at: google’s blogspot – coyotescribe). I’m particularly fond of my last two posts of 2009: 

New York Won’t Leave Me Alone” and…
The Sacrosanctity of Your Writing Space

I was thinking I’d be a little more focused theme-wise while strolling through this new terrain, but my creative side is quite resistant, you know.  I save thematic stuff for the stories I write, which often become unremittingly epic, like my first novel (currently in progress).  I’ve been a singer/songwriter/keyboardist for more years than I’ll mention here. It was in the midst of good songs and ecstatic performances where story first found its rooting and grew to become a part of my creative world… the weaving tentacles of life experience poured into music and lyrics, making poetry out of the crazy shit that happens to rock-n-roll musicians on the road: the subject of my backburned memoir, simmering on low for reasons other than, well… that I should have at least one fiction book published, or screenplay optioned, first.  Aw, but there are more reasons here, logically-speaking, why my novel comes first — the one piece of logic that doesn’t elude me: how many liberties I can take with story afforded me by prose fiction.  It presents such juicy allurement right now.  

In short: I’m breaking in my new bloggers, and finishing my novel this year, 65,000 words and counting.  My biggest wish for myself, and for everyone who enjoys a good mystery, is the courage to move forward into the unknown, as this most fortunate year unfolds.  Happy New Year!

2 Responses to “Welcome 2010”

  1. Pat Caloia Says:

    Your UFO story is amazing AND beautifully written.

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